We have been involved with many different coaches and guides over the years who appreciate the variety that Salcombe and its surroundings offers as well as the comfort and peace of mind of a Base to work from, so new for 2015 is our Pro Rental operation.

The aim of the Pro Rental is to be able to offer coaches and guides a base to work from with well-maintained equipment and facilities for their own customers, club members or students. Talking from experience knowing I have a base to work from with great facilities to offer my clients gives me the confidence to deliver to beginners or advanced paddlers alike. Keeping the costs as low as we can for the coach or guide also ensures our understanding of the current industry.

Pro rental is only available for fully qualified and insured BCU coaches and guides and working within remit of their qualifications. The coach or guide must provide their own group safety equipment. The Pro Rental breaks down in to two categories Land and Sea facilities depending on what you are offering your clients or students. Obviously both land and sea facilities can be offered together to deliver the Best service.

Costs of the Pro Rental are calculated on a per person per day basis.


Sea facility = £20.00 1 day e.g. Sea Kayak including all equipment

Land facility = £10.00 1 day e.g. use of showers, changing rooms, lock up, comfortable lecture environment

Total: £30.00 1 day Pro Rental

The 2 day rate is Sea facility = £15.00 a day, Land facility = £10.00 a day

Total: £50.00 2 day Pro Rental

To discuss further please contact us on 01548 843451 or contact us