Paddle Board and Kayak Rental:

Why not go and explore the Bay or the estuary (Ria) on your own, we rent out kayaks and paddle boards for 1 to 3 hour periods. Wet suits, safety equipment and dry bags all included in your rental cost as well as our respected safety boat cover.


1 hour

2 hour

3 hour

Tandem Kayak




Paddle board


+ £5.00 (extra person)


+ £5.00 (extra person)


+ £5.00 (extra person)

XL Paddle Board

£70.00 (8 people max)

£100.00 (8 people max)

              N / A.


From 1 hour to 3 hour rentals and many varieties of kayaks and paddle boards to choose from we are sure you will get you water sport fix with us, children and adult equipment available as well as wetsuits, buoyancy aids and our industry Respected safety boat cover to give you that all important peace of mind.

We operate with a ‘certificate of competence form’ so no need to bring qualifications with you for your rental period, we do have a a designated rental area which covers you for the 1 or 2 hour rental periods, if looking to rent longer so you can cover more of the area or go off site then this fine, we will discuss this with you on your arrival.

We advise booking before you arrive so we can advise and book out the appropriate equipment for you and the group. Be aware that the weather has a big part to play with booking our equipment so future bookings can be hard to guarantee. Please call 01548 843451 or contact us.

Included in all hire:
Buoyancy Aids
Paddle Jackets

And of course, the watchful eye of our experienced safety boat and team within our designated area.


How does the weather effect our booking?

If the conditions are deemed unsafe then the booking will be cancelled, please ring if you are not sure.

Is there a car park?

There is a car park.

Are there changing rooms?

We have changing rooms, showers and safe storage in the boathouse.

Is it safe, we don't have much experience?

Yes it’s safe, we have staff on the beach as well as our respected safety boat cover on the water with VHF contact at all times.

Will your wetsuits fit me?

We have many different sizes and styles of wetsuits and jackets that fit and keep you warm.

Can my group share equipment?

If wanting to rent our equipment to share amongst a big group of you this is fine, buoyancy aids to worn by all people on our equipment.

Do you accept cards?

We accept cash and cards.

I would like to go off site with your boards?

No problems, we need to hold a driving license or passport as a point of contact and deposit.

What’s the youngest age you can rent to?

This really comes down to the size of the child, if they fit our safety equipment then they can play.