Winter and Spring Tours:

Duration: 3 hours.

Suitability: 8yrs -younger children? please contact us-, no experience required.

Destination: South Sands, Salcombe (HQ) use of shuttle bus required on odd occasions.

Routes (5): Stare Hole Bay and Gara Rock beach (Rickham Sands), Inner Estuary (Ria): Batson Creek, South pool Creek, Frogmore Creek.

Costs: £45.00pp (Group discounts over 5 people)

Description: Experiencing Salcombe and Kingsbridge estuary (Ria) during the Winter / Spring time is something very special, with all the visiting yachts and moorings out of the water during this time in Salcombe and the surrounding creeks gives a real feeling of a remote adventure. The sights and sounds of this wonderful place during the winter months is something that has to be experienced at least once in your lifetime.
We supply more appropriate equipment during the colder months plus Hot refreshments and the guides will ensure your warmth with some bush craft skills -Fire making and shelter building-.

Maximum Enjoyment!

To maximise your enjoyment with us please ensure you bring with you the basics listed below.

What to bring: Towel, waterproof top, Warm top, cap or warm hat, old footwear you don’t mind getting wet or wetsuit boots, water bottle, Cameras and phones -at your own risk-, Personal Medication and Personal dietary requirements.

What we provide: Dry bags and Deck bags -for your personal equipment- wet suits -if required-, waterproof tops, buoyancy aids, thermal rash tops, spray decks, kayaks and paddles, gloves, refreshments and photos.