Creeks and Back Water Tours:

Duration: 5 hours, Typical times 10am to 3pm.

Suitability: 10yrs -younger children? please contact us- no or limited experience required but reasonable fitness is a benefit.

Destination: The use of shuttle bus is required for these tours the majority of the time but on the odd occasion we can launch from South Sand in Salcombe if the tides are Beneficial.

Routes (5): Kingsbridge and Salcombe Inner Estuary (Ria): Batson Creek, South Pool Creek, Frogmore Creek, River Avon to Bantham Beach, Bowcombe Creek.

Costs: £75.00pp (Group discounts over 5 people)

Description: The unique area in which we paddle offers you a true adventure when paddling the Creeks and Back waters of South Devon, the Inner Ria routes offer amazing wildlife and a real feeling of remote paddling, generally we paddle flat water on these tours, a real confidence boost to paddlers with limited experience, We find this a natural step for people who have experienced The Classic tour with us.

Refreshments and photos are all included and also we can offer you a true *camp meal if wanting lunch with us, otherwise a packed lunch is required for the tour.

*An additional cost will be charged for the camp meal (£7.00 extra)

Maximum Enjoyment!

To maximise your enjoyment with us please ensure you bring with you the basics listed below.

What to bring: Towel, waterproof top, Warm top, cap or warm hat, old footwear you don’t mind getting wet or wetsuit boots, water bottle, Cameras and phones -at your own risk-, Personal Medication and Personal dietary requirements.

What we provide: Dry bags and Deck bags -for your personal equipment- wet suits -if required-, waterproof tops, buoyancy aids, thermal rash tops, spray decks, kayaks and paddles, gloves, refreshments and photos.